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How can I buy from - what cards do you accept?


We use Visa, Mastercard or PayPal to facilitate our transactions.

Please email us at if you have any issues with completing your purchase at our checkout.


I'm having trouble with the PayPal checkout. What should I do?


If you are having trouble at checkout please do the following before mailing us:

1 - change browser or clear cookies in current browser

2 - Make sure if you are checking out without using PayPal that you are not entering in an email address that is associated with a PayPal account. This confuses the checkout page and will result in an error


How much is shipping within the USA?

We ship to our USA customers from our Los Angeles office (California).  Shipping for orders $60.00 and over is FREE. Shipping for orders under $60.00 is $5.00.  


What countries does Your Tea ship to?

If you are not from the USA please go to our 'Other Country' button in the header of our website to view the other regions we ship to.  We ship to most countries worldwide except parts of the Middle East and South/Central America.


How long from when I purchase my tea should I expect to receive it?

From your tea being dispatched (you will get an automated email when it's dispatched) the typical time taken to receive your tea is outlined in the table below:



These above time frames are stipulated by the shipping companies that we use in each location. On the rare occasion, shipping duration may extend beyond these expected time frames. However, your tracking link will always keep you up to date with where your parcel is in transit.

If you wish to make a complaint about your product not reaching you within indicated time frames, please contact the postal company in charge of shipping your parcel, not us - this will be a much more efficient way of tracking down your parcel and working out why it is delayed.  Email us if you have contacted the shipping company and are still having difficulties with your order.

*Note: During high volume postage times of the year (e.g Xmas, Easter, New Years) shipping carriers often experience bottlenecks in their processing/sorting centers.  These delays are out of our hands however we will do our best to keep you up to date with any information we get from the carriers. 


How can I track the status of my order?

You will receive two emails from us.

The first email confirms that your payment has been successful.

The second email is your shipping information email. This email will contain a tracking link that you can follow the progress of your YourTea parcel with.


Sometimes there is a 24-36 hour delay from the time your parcel actually begins transit to the time you get your email (that's just the time it takes our systems to process all the information!).

If your parcel says 'delivered' when you click the tracking link and you have not received it - you will need to go to your local Post office and present ID to collect the item/s purchased. Sometimes the "pickup reminder notice" that is left when nobody is home to sign on delivery, can go missing.

If there is a problem with the delivery of your item, please contact the courier company for information before contacting us. You will find their details on your tracking link.

Please make sure you have explored all options before contacting us.


I haven't been sent my confirmation email or tracking email, now what?

Ensure that you're checking the correct email address.

The email address you used to purchase your tea with is the email address all information will be sent to.

Check your spam/junk mail too as it may have been filtered into there.


The postal service lost my parcel

All items purchased from Your Tea are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. We pass all items onto the carrier that you chose upon checkout of our product - if they lose your parcel, you must contact them and seek compensation. The details of the shipping company responsible for your parcel will be stated on your tracking link.


I paid for express shipping but it didn't arrive on time, now what?


If you've paid for express shipping but the parcel didn't arrive within the promised time frame - please contact the shipping company you chose upon purchase - not us.

We hand all parcels to the shipping companies on time.

Any shipping delay is an error from the postal company, so please contact them for complaints/refunds.

If your parcel is ever delayed from our end, then we will notify you and reimburse accordingly.


I paid for normal shipping and my parcel didn't/hasn't arrived within the specified time frame - now what?


As we have an extremely efficient dispatch service - we hand all Your Tea parcels to the relevant postal companies to ship to you, on time.

If your parcel hasn't arrived within the promised time frame according to your tracking information then please take the following actions.

a) Call the postal service you chose to ship your parcel and discuss why the time frame they promised and you paid for has not been met (postal service contact information will be on your tracking link)

b) Double check what day you ordered your tea on. As the majority of postal services don't operate over the weekend, your parcel will only begin transit on a weekday. Weekends do not count as a 'transit day'


I gave the wrong address when ordering, now what?

If you have given us the incorrect address then we are unable to send out a replacement tea and you will need to purchase again if you wish to do so.

In order to send our wonderful customers their parcels at the efficient rate we do, our dispatch system is extremely fast so it is impossible to recall packages and make address changes.

If you've provided us the incorrect or old address, we suggest that you notify the occupant of the address you provided us with and hopefully they can help you retrieve your parcel.


Are there import taxes on your parcels?

We ship our items from 7 offices/dispatch centres located around the world. All our teas comply with local standards and regulations, however your country may have different requirements for importing our products. Now, we can’t be liable for any additional duties, taxes or surcharges that you may have to pay on delivery to your country. If you are unsure, we suggest checking with local authorities before placing your order. We have 7 local offices positioned in various parts of Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK so customers from these countries need not worry about customs.


Does TinyTeatox contain caffeine?


No it doesn't contain added caffeine, only a minor amount of natural caffeine which won't give you the effects of "caffeine".

It will however, make you feel energised and revitalised due to its nourishing qualities. It will strengthen your digestive system, in turn strengthening your blood... and strong blood is what helps to give us higher energy levels.


Does TinyTeatox have a laxative effect?


When consumed as per instructions, no. As TinyTea works on replenishing and nourishing your digestive system, it may stir up some internal waste. For a small handful of customers, you may experience a mildly upset stomach for the first few days of the TinyTeatox - depending on the state of your digestive system.

Using laxatives to lose weight is dangerous and certainly not something we promote, endorse or condone. The negative health consequences are endless. Read here to understand why laxatives are harmful for you body.


Can I lose weight with TinyTeatox alone?


You will see results with TinyTeatox alone, without changing your diet. However, results are heightened significantly when you change your diet.

Let's face it - you are what you eat. You cannot expect your body to stay looking bootylicious and trim when you consume fatty, oily and processed foods. That is also highly unfair to your body!

Being kind to your body should be a lifelong choice - not just for the period of a TinyTeatox. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you will have to nourish your body from the inside out!

Refer to our "healthy tips" blog for information and ideas on how best to fuel your body with healthy food and liquid.

The perfect companion to a TinyTeatox is our Ebook: "Creating a Healthier You" - it provides all the information, tips and advice you need to know to allow your body to function perfectly with and without our TinyTea.


Will I put on weight after I complete a TinyTeatox?

This is literally up to YOU! If you continue to fuel your body with healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle - then your body will reap the benefits of the tea for a long time to come. However if you treat your body badly via poor diet and lack of exercise - then you will reverse all the benefits of the TinyTea.  You must remember, when your body falls out of shape - there is a reason for it! Whilst our TinyTeatox can help you to spring it back to shape, it can only help so far without the help of YOU!


How should I store the tea from


If you store me properly, I will love you for a long, long time.

Please note: put me in an airtight container, away from moisture in a cool dark place away from the sun. 

If you're not going to use me for a while, then pop me in your freezer and I will keep for up to a year.

While I'm at it - I'm not a fan of being near other strong odours... this isn't a necessity, just a friendly request. 


Can I exercise during a TinyTeatox?


You can and SHOULD maintain your normal exercise routine without doubt.

As TinyTeatox does NOT have a severe laxative side effect like other 'weight loss' teas can - you won't experience any adverse side effects that would impede upon your exercise ability.

You will however, feel much more energetic and as a result you may feel inclined to increase your work-out!


Are there any side effects during a TinyTeatox I should expect?


TinyTeatox does not have adverse side effects.

It should increase the frequency in which you visit the bathroom - you shouldn't however, feel much (if any) cramping.

Your appetite may decrease and you shouldn't crave sweet/oily foods as often.

If you have a reaction to the ingredients in TinyTeatox (very rare) and experience nausea, severe cramping or diarrhoea - then cease use and consult your GP.


Does TinyTea contain gluten?


Yes it does so must it NOT be consumed by coeliacs. However, for some with gluten sensitivities, the TinyTea can actually help in reducing, alleviating and in some cases reversing symptoms associated with such issues.

Please note - these are merely suggestions - so if you're severely gluten intolerant and are worried the tea won't help you, then refrain from purchasing.


My bowel movements have stopped/increased - what should I do?

If you experience any significant changes in bowel movements or do not pass solid for more than 48 hours, discontinue use of our teas.  This is not a normal effect of our teas.

For some, a small amount of bloating may be experienced and should subside - however anything extreme such as constipation/stomach pain, you should cease the use of our tea. This would indicate that your body has had an adverse and abnormal reaction to our tea


How are our teas produced?
Our teas are a combination of multiple herbs, given that – our production process is lengthy, accurate and thorough.
To begin the process, the herbs are ground down from their larger form into smaller, tea bag sized pieces. The efficacy of the herbs aren't affected by this process, instead, it merely allows the herbs to fit inside our tea bags.
The herbs are then sifted using a combination of both movement and wind to ensure the quality is retained and the smaller pieces can be discarded. During this process, any foreign matter will be removed such as sand or any material that isn’t herb.
The herbs then proceed to the drying process where they are dried and ready for packing. 
All of our equipment is well maintained to a level that more than satisfies FDA requirements. 
The entire process above is thoroughly completed on each occasion and allows for our high standards of product that our customers know and trust.​
Ensuring our herbs are 100% safe for the body and retain their quality for all intents and purposes, is our promise to you.


Do we have a 'money-back guarantee' policy?

As all bodies are different, we understand that our teas are not suitable for absolutely every body type. As such, we do not offer refunds if the tea does not perform the changes you desire. Prior to purchasing our tea, we recommend you read through our feedback page or refer to our Instagram pages on @yourtea and @tinyteatox for great customer reviews

We will accept returns only for damaged goods that are not opened. Due to food regulations worldwide we cannot accept any refunds for open packages – this includes customers who are not happy with the efficacy of our tea blends. Any customer who is concerned their product is damaged or faulty can contact us via our 'contact us' page, along with photo evidence, to discuss the refund process.


Does TinyTeatox affect my contraceptive pill?


Once again - TinyTeatox should not produce diarrhoea - thus TinyTeatox shouldn't affect your pill.

However, in a rare case if you have an adverse reaction to the ingredient as stated above, then TinyTeatox can affect the accuracy of the pill if you take your pill in the morning within 4 hours of experiencing diarrhoea.


If you would like to be extra cautious then we suggest the use of condoms for the 14 or 28 days during teatox.


Can I drink TinyTeatox while I am pregnant or breast-feeding?


Unfortunately you cannot consume our TinyTeatox when breastfeeding as it contains barley and for some, this will dry up breast milk. However once breastfeeding is completed, you can commence a TinyTeatox immediately.

We don't recommend consuming TinyTeatox whilst pregnant, purely because we believe in letting pregnancy take its natural course.


How do I store my tea from Your Tea?

If you store our tea correctly, it will stay fresh for up to 2 years.

Place in an airtight container, away from moisture in a cool dark place away from the sun.

Try to keep the tea away from other strong odours... this isn't a necessity, just a friendly request.


What are the directions for Your Tea blend consumption?


Every tea produced by "Your Tea" has unique instructions.

You will receive written consumption guidelines with your order - otherwise please refer to your chosen tea's web link on the "YourTea" homepage.


Do I need to change my eating habits whilst consuming TinyTea?

During a TinyTeatox you certainly need to continue eating a healthy, balanced diet.  We do not endorse any teatox's or detox's that advise you not to eat.

Our Your Tea ambassador and qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner, Natalie Kringoudis, has created an eating plan to compliment our TinyTeatox.

We recommend a number of eating principles, foods to include and foods to avoid not only whilst on a TinyTeatox, yet also in general.


How often can I do a TinyTeatox?


The ingredients in the TinyTeatox can be consumed on a daily basis.  Some girls prefer to drop back to 1-2 tea bags per day once they reach their ideal goals as a way of maintaining their current shape. 

We would recommend if you were to do a 28 day TinyTeatox, to take 2 weeks break and then you could continue on with another 28 day TinyTeatox.


Is Your Tea a reputable company and is the site safe?   

Your Tea is run by people who care. In 2014 we are donating a percentage of all sales to charity.  We build our business around developing quality tea blends, keeping our customers happy and helping the world in any way we can.  If you have a question, query or complaint please just email us at We are all ears - your feedback will only make our business bigger and better moving forward.