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Every Dad has a soft spot for tea. We've dug up our favourit teas so you can remain or reclaim the favourite child crown.


  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Mint Chocolate Rooibo
  • Man TeaŒæ

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What are the benefits of drinking Man Tea?

According to Dr. Nat TCM, Man Tea blend is full of ingredients with high antioxidant properties that help to assist in cleaning up the body right down to a cellular level. Antioxidants make the body work more efficiently, helping you to recover more quickly from exercise since they treat inflammation which allows for greater muscle growth. The green tea found in this blend assists in boosting these benefits and adds another layer – not only is it enriched with antioxidants but it helps to maintain muscle mass.

By benefiting your gut, we can increase absorption for your body to readily convert this to energy, which in turn boosts your ability to train. It means that you grow stronger more rapidly and that your recovery is quicker – so you can train harder. All achieved without unhealthy ingredients, all working to support your overall health. It’s a winner!

Contains: Camellia Sinensis (black tea), Zhucha (green tea), Gan Cao (licorice root).

More about Cafe Teas?

English Breakfast Tea

A robust favourite, I'm reliable as I am soothing the soul. To be enjoyed with a drop of milk or straight from the bag.

Contains: High grade organic black tea handpicked from Sri Lanka.  Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.

25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g

Mint Choc Rooibos

Decadent and fresh, I am the ultimate blend of pleasure & excitement for the taste buds. I pack a punch with my surprisingly exotic flavour.

Contains: high-grade rooibos, cocoa shells, mint leaves & chocolate. Allergens: may contain traces of nuts.

25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g