Our Your Tea TCM Practitioners

We're serious about Traditional Chinese Medicine and even more serious about providing qualified information.

Meet our team of qualified TCM practitioners who love herbs just as much as we do.

They translate our East to West, Yin to Yang, 'what' to 'oh'.

Because knowledge is power, our words are in safe hands.

Dr. Carla Brion

Dr Carla Brion is a holistic practitioner, based in Adelaide, with extensive experience in clinical and private practice. She is a qualified doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a registered Herbalist and Acupuncturist, trained in Melbourne and China.

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Dr. Peter Haxell

Peter is a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine (AHPRA, ATMS), having graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies, Fitzroy in 2015 with a Bachelor of Health Science: Chinese Medicine. Peter uses classical herbal formulas and distal acupuncture in his clinic practice. The aim of this style of medicine is to restore or maintain the proper functioning of the body, predominantly by regulating the digestive system as well as the flow of blood, fluids and gases such as oxygen throughout the body. Peter is passionate about educating others about the common sense approach to health and wellbeing advocated by chinese medicine so that they can overcome their individual health challenges. 

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Dr. Lauren Curtain

"My mission is to empower women about their bodies and be a guide supporting women through their health and fertility journey. Being a Dr of Chinese medicine, I see first hand just how much women are craving natural ways to deal with hormonal issues and fertility. Women now more then ever are wanting to understand their bodies, their fertility and what they can do to improve both...

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