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Liver Cleanse (14 Day)

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A wise man knows that balance can't be found in elasticised jeans and red wine, wisdom says it's found with our Liver Cleanse.

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:



  • 14 x Morning Teas
  • 14 x Afternoon Teas
  • 14 x Night Teas
  • 8 x Probiotic Teas (heat stable)
  • Leak-proof glass thermos
  • 100 page in-depth Liver Cleanse guide

50 teabags per box. Each teabag weighs 2.5g


What are the benefits of drinking Liver Cleanse?

Liver Physiology and function in the body: the essential basics to understand your liver function from a TCM standpoint.

And it’s over to Dr. Nat TCM,

“From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, the liver is responsible for regulating nutrient and blood flow. In the West, we understand that the liver is like a giant sponge, purifying and clearing up toxins in our body to protect us from any harm. The liver communicates with many organ systems including your lymphatic system (also responsible for detoxification), digestive system and bowel. It also plays a role in creating excellent hormones and helping ship out the unwanted build up of excessive hormones. Chinese Medicine recognises the strong relationship between the spleen and stomach (the digestive system), and the reproductive organs. When the liver energy is smooth, our bodies run well. However, the liver energy can easily become stagnated, be it from emotional pressure, eating poor quality foods, over consumption of alcohol, and stress.”


14 Morning & 14 Afternoon Teas contain: Jasmine Tea, Dan Shen (sage), Huang Quin (Scutellaria), Yu Jin (turmeric), Bai Shao (Peony), Bai Zhu (white atractylodis), Chai Hu (Bupleurum), Gan Cao (licorice root).

14 Night Teas contain: Chinese Red Tea, Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), Mei Gui (Rose), Mai Ya (Malt/Barley Sprout), Bai He Hua (Bulbus Lilii), Ju Jube/Zao (chinese date), Lian Hua (lotus), Xun Yi Cao (lavender), Gan Cao (licorice root).

8 Probiotic Teas contain: Black Tea, Probiotics.

Who can drink Liver Cleanse?

Liver Cleanse is ideal for almost anyone.

For the young or elderly or those recovering from severe illness, whilst it isn't contraindicated, it's important to consult your healthcare professional before commencing Liver Cleanse. If you're under the age of 15 we recommend seeking parental permission.

We recommend that you DO NOT take part in a Liver Cleanse whilst pregnant, purely because we believe in leaving health up to nature at this special point in time. Though, for those who are trying to conceive – cleansing can be part of the winning formula in increasing hormone function and fertility.

Consumption instructions

Our Liver Cleanse is a program designed to be consumed consecutively over 22 days. 

Liver Cleanse Tea consists of 1 x Morning, 1 x Afternoon, and 1 x Night Teas for 14 days. These are to be consumed 30 minutes away from meals. Following the 14 days, take 1 x Probiotic Tea daily for 8 days.

We always recommend listening to how your body feels whilst on the tea.

Where can I find out more about Liver Cleanse?

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