Skin Herbs Tea
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4 week program
100% Bio

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Problematic skin
  • Eczema
  • Clearing heat and toxins
  • Digestion
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Biodegradable Tumbler
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100% Bio
Made of biodegradable wheat straw, our tumbler is BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We’re taking care of you to down to the very last sip.
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14 biodegradable teabags
100% Bio

‘Sleep’ includes the fragrant flower of calming Rose combined with and harmonising Gan Cao (liquorice). The leaf of Bulbus Lilii offers a soothing partnership with Chinese Red Date, Hong Zao to encourage rest and rounded off with immune loving Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Berry).


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Digest to Glow
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60 Digestive Herbs tablets and 60 Skin Herbs tablets

Bundle contains:

  • 1 x Digestive Herbs Tablets (60 tablets)
  • 1 x Skin Herbs Tablets (60 tablets)
Skin Herbs Tablets
$59.95 AUD
60 day program

Your Tea Skin Herbs contain Chinese herbs combined with vitamins and minerals. They have been traditionally used in western herbal medicine to:

  • Vitamin C, B2, and Zinc maintain and support skin health
  • Vitamin C, Zinc; antioxidant. Reduce free radicals formed in the body
  • Vitamin C maintains and supports collagen formation and connective tissue health
  • Biotin, Vitamin B2 maintains and supports hair health
  • Vitamin C maintains and supports skin repair, healing, and regeneration
  • Zinc, Vitamin C maintains and supports wound healing
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Glass Tumbler w/ Bamboo Lid
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E-Book: Making Skin Magic incl. 14 Recipes
$5.00 AUD

A wise man knows it's the health of your body internally that dictates what your skin looks like externally.


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Sleep Herbs Tea Refill
$42.00 AUD
3 week program

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Calming the mind
  • Reducing heat in the body
  • Hydrating the body
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